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LabyMod v3. By participating in events or supporting one of our partners, you will receive new stickers. You can view all your stickers by pressing the B button. Textures of capes and bandanas will now update immediately after their change! Use emotes lightning-fast by pressing the emote key and the respective hotbar key at the same time. That's why we fixed a lot of them! For developers: - You can now set the playing gamemode for a player using our API!

Major Performance Update - LabyMod can now be run on every toaster.


General: - We've added a new cosmetic! General: - We've added something really cool and its release is right around the corner! Be excited! Bugfixes: - The clicktest should now work properly! General: - You can now move the Minecraft chat to a custom position by pressing the middle mouse button. General: - The module editor of LabyMod is now much more smoother to use, especially the scaling of modules!

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It will also be shown in the taskbar. Bugfixes: - We've fixed a lot of not working features in the Forge version. Also by clicking on the player in the module, you can report them. General: - We now highlight our partner servers in the public server list! But it is still as an addon available in our addon store! Bugfixes: - Fixed the 1.

Rendering and crash fixes in 1. General: - We improved a lot of backend stuff to improve the performance for weak computers.

OptiFine Mod HD

Your FPS should be better now. You can now easily switch between shaders without clicking through the whole list. Module Editor: - We added profiles to the module editor! You can now save different module settings for different Minecraft servers. For developers docs. Additional: - Switching the perspective no longer disable the selected shader. LabyMod User Indicator Bugfixes: - A mass of different bug and crashfixes - Cosmetics should no longer invisible for no reason. The red nose can now be moved up and down. The head should no longer dissapear while playing an emote. The chat animation works now correctly with different chat scales.

The search bar in the LabyMod settings got improved two times! We've implemented a smooth chat animation, which is disabled by default. And for Christmas we've added three new cosmetics to the game: a Santa beard, reindeer antlers and a red glowing nose! Bugfixes: Preventing Minecraft serverlist timeouts after starting.

Télécharger too many items mod 1.12.2

Fixed some missing textures in the module editor. The alternative player menu key option is now a primary key. We have added a name history function to the player menu! An option to disable the animation and to change the hotkey of the player menu. The global chat should no longer disappear when you add more rooms. - Original HD creations to enhance Minecraft!

The VoiceChat has been improved again. We added a user action menu! It helps to have an industrial or tech mod with Galacticraft, to help you process ores faster and gather all the resources you need to build rockets and get into space. Mekanism is the closest in spirit to Galacticraft. Galacticraft also has full compatibility with the long-established industrial mod Buildcraft.

Installation Instructions (without Modinstaller)

You can even use their wrenches on our machines and our Standard Wrench on their machines! Or you could take a different approach and use magic to help you gather resources, for example Thaumcraft. We also like the mods which expand the beauty and diversity of the Overworld, mods like Natura and Biomes O'Plenty. Now you can add tool mods, storage mods, combat mods, really the choice is endless If you have lots of mods, you will probably need to increase the memory you give to Minecraft that's the 'JVM Arguments' in the Minecraft launcher 'Edit Profile' page.

You can try leaving that on its default, but if you have several mods, that may not be enough. The most important memory setting is -Xmx. The best memory setting for you to use depends a lot on whether you are running bit or bit Java. As a good rule of thumb, your -Xmx setting needs to be:. If the memory requirements of all your mods are a problem, you can cut the memory requirements in half using an excellent mod named FoamFix.

Galacticraft is tested with FoamFix including FoamFix 'Anarchy' versions and we are not aware of any issues with it all: we can recommend it. JVM settings will also affect Minecraft performance mainly lag spikes due to the Java 'garbage collector' running.

Download LabyMod

You can find guides to these settings in many places on the internet, some good, some not so good! The best settings also depend quite a bit on your PC, how much RAM you have, which operating system, which Java version Java 7 or Java 8 , and whether you have bit or bit Java, so settings which somebody else is recommending are not necessarily the best for your setup! Add the three Galacticraft. You may have to set the launcher to stop checking updates for the modpack. If you don't, a modpack update might undo your addition of Galacticraft to the pack - a lot depends on which launcher you are using.

Galacticraft 3 is for Minecraft 1. Really old laptop PCs have Intel internal graphics which cannot support Minecraft 1.

The Galacticraft 3 download files marked for "1. Some players like to have mods from multiple Minecraft versions available on their computer - maybe a set of mods for testing in 1. Launching Minecraft will most likely crash if you mix mods for different Minecraft versions in the. Put all the mods for different Minecraft versions in the correct subfolders, and you should be golden. If you have 1. Remember, Galacticraft 3 works equally well in 1. If you're tinkering about with different Minecraft versions like this, please be careful when loading your saved game worlds - if you made a world in 1.

Lower on the Downloads page are some versions of Galacticraft 2, which was for Minecraft 1. That's older, but some great modpacks for example Attack of the B Team are still using it. If playing those older packs, we recommend that you use the Latest version of Galacticraft 2.

These are very early versions of Galacticraft. For each game version, we offer the final Galacticraft version on our download page. Some people may have older versions from elsewhere, they are also included in some venerable modpacks such as Tekkit Lite and Voltz.

If you have a Technic modpack, use the Technic launcher to download and the launch the modpack. If you don't:. Actually, we hope it's not too complicated if you followed the steps!