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You can try to reboot or reset the PRAM and SMC -- the first things that Mac users can try when something isn't working right -- but that will not fix it. So, here is what you need to do. First, you need to shut down your Mac, if it's powered on. Pressing the power key for a couple of seconds will do the trick. Next, you have to boot your Mac in single-user mode.

That's done by pressing the Command and S keys at the same time, right after pressing the power key. If you did it right, you should see a whole bunch of lines on the screen in what is a Terminal-like interface. I've seen someone recommend that you reset the PRAM three times before booting in the single-user mode.

There is no harm in doing that.

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Hit the Command, Option, P and R keys at the same time, right after you power it on, and wait until you hear the startup chime for the third time before letting go. Then, quickly press the Command and S keys, to get you into the single-user mode. Waited an hour and nothing happening! That seemed to do it! Next thing I knew I had a message, Whooppee! In the hope that this might help someone else as I have no idea where I originally saw the info a year or two ago! The simple fix is to take the back off and give it a careful clean, I used a new makeup brush and carefully a pair of tweezers.

After spending 2 days trying to fix it and searching through many discussion boards, and turning my house upside down looking for the teeny screwdriver kit! It look less than ten mins to fix it and it is now happily working! Your email address will not be published. How to News Not working? Tips and Tricks Guides. You are here: Thank you.

So it seems anything will work at some time or other I think CloudyZack has it nailed these get too HOT wait till it cools down then try any of the methods listed I am going to drill some holes in mine just under the fans better ventilation is sure to help. I tried the methods described with no luck.

He had me:. It is ONE line with a space between loginwindow. This worked for me and got me to the login page. The tech said the code just sets your computer to find the last working startup. Hopefully it will continue to work: Good Luck! Mischa, Thank you so much! Your code here just got me my computer back!!! I had a black screen and could see pointer, but that was it. I followed your instructions and bam, the login screen came up!!! So excited!!

A Solution for MacBook Pro Booting to a Black Screen

The above method worked for me. Nothing worked. I even reinstalled Yosemite from the recovery option twice and nothing. But this last option worked. Thank you a million. I had this problem crop up after I restored my system from a Time Machine backup. The above was the fix!

I tried several times all 3 solutions: Thanks so much. Worked great. Nothing had worked and was loosing hope until I found your post. Thanks a ton. After fiddling with brightness had that issue before I found this article and tried 3 solutions one after the other. Thank you so very much I went through all three of the props that was display and the last one worked appreciate you a great deal.

I had the same thing happen and tried all the steps, 1. Still, black screen. Black screen. Still the black screen. Still black screen. Back to recovery mode, reinstalled mavericks. Still, no success. In conclusion, I have tried everything but the apple service, the black screen arrived out of nothing and remains here, tormenting me.

Ok, so as I said, non of the 7 solutions above worked for me, here is what did: I found this solution on another troubleshooting forum which dealt with the same problem. Here are the steps that brought me back everything exactly how I left it: Turn off your Mac by pressing the power button until your Mac shuts down. Turn your Mac back on and hold the shift button.

Mac Black Screen, Fix - macReports

You will see a loading bar fill up and then your screen will go back to black with your cursor visible. Enter the first letter of your user name and hit enter 4. Enter your password and hit enter 5. The beach all will start turning. If your Mac goes to sleep mode wake it back up as usual. An install window will pop up, for an update. Follow the steps to set up the installation.

You end up back at your home screen as you left it. I hope it helps!

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Good luck and hang in there! I had the problem described above but none of the solutions worked, and then when I moved the MacBook to connect an external monitor the problem disappeared. Now I know my circumstances are very rare. I had stacked the one I was fixing on top of the other one with the lid closed. So the top MacBook thought the screen was closed and so, turned it off. Lift the top MacBook off the bottom one and the problem goes away.

This was driving me crazy!!! Scott, you saved me and my macbook: Tried everything and was just about to give in for the night and read your comment… Thanks very much! After attempting ALL of the suggested fixes multiple time I finally called tech support. Ellen had me hit the power button and then hit the shift key which started the computer in Safe Mode.

It brought up the login dialog box and once I entered my password the computer brought up my regular startup screen. I clicked on the apple in the top left corner of the screen and then hit restart. It brought up the login screen again and once I logged in everything was back to normal — running real slow after loading Yosemite. At least now I can do my taxes: I tried all three options a couple of times without luck. It worked. Interestingly when the screen was happily visible and I could log on a critical is update was ready.

The one that seemed to work so far is a hybrid of two. In safe mode the bar finished loading and I logged in, retarded and the Mac asked me to install a software update, I did. This is the second time it happened on startup.

Black Screen Fix

The last PRAM reset worked like a charm and booted my mac to life! Sometimes the SMC worked, sometimes the PRAM zap worked, but mostly the old unplug the machine from power, close the lid and wait a few minutes was the key for me. When I booted into safe mode I was able to backup the drive and use a second monitor for a number of hours, so Apple support walked me through trashing a slew of preference files and while they were watching my screen it happened again- black screen at startup.

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So they recommended I reinstall the OS. I went for a really clean install and erased my already backed up drive and started the 2 hour Yosemite reinstall. I must have missed a crucial step because when the machine restarted I saw a folder with a question mark, and when I tried to restart into recovery mode all I get is the chime and a black screen. I made the trip to my nearest Apple Store and was told about the video card replacement program. It started a few days later here in Japan, so I was told to call Apple on the start day and report my problem. The next day Sat.