Converting youtube to itunes for mac free

Part 1. Download YouTube Video or YouTube Music to iTunes on Mac
  1. The Best YouTube Downloader Software for MacOS in 12222
  2. Using the Software FLVTO YouTube Downloader
  3. How to Rip Music from YouTube to iTunes
  4. How can I save YouTube videos to my iPad or iPhone?

Consequently, it seems necessary to convert YouTube downloads to iTunes on Mac first. But users running on Mac platform usually suffer from the inability to get video conversion done with Freemake software as it is only in line with Windows platforms. The quality is better than that on YouTube that is often uploaded by users. A music video on YouTube are large in size.

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But when it comes to iTunes, the songs on iTunes are in MP3 format, which consume less disk space. Compared with YouTube, iTunes functions transferring files to iOS device, while YouTube neither have any portable media player or transfer youtube files to deices. YouTube is accessible to any people. And contents on YouTube are various, ranging from movies, music videos, TV shows, game videos, tutorial videos, etc, some of which may not on iTunes. So iTune users may need to convert YouTube videos to iTunes format so as to enjoy more contents.

By downloading YouTube videos and saving in iTunes, you don't have to spend a penny.

The Best YouTube Downloader Software for MacOS in 12222

Videos and music on YouTube are unmanageable. By converting YouTube videos to iTunes format, these contents can be well organized, sorted, and even transferred to your iOS devices. See how to sync video from Mac to iPhone. Some videos on YouTube can be suddenly deleted, but you can convert YouTube to iTunes as a backup to safe keep them. To be specific, you can directly transfer YouTube downloaded videos to iTunes on Mac without needing to download YouTube video beforehand.

Using the Software FLVTO YouTube Downloader

And they still do. Anyhoo, this post is for those who still caters, updates his or her iTunes library and — wants to have it great again. Sure, download video and music from YouTube is a gray area. We have a shockingly easy solution to help you fill your iTunes library with new music. Do you also listen to your music on iPhone?

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You will need to make just 3 steps to download music from YouTube to iTunes. SYC 2 will do the rest. The application has a free trial for you to test all its features without any limits. Download YouTube Converter 2 Opens in a new tab. If you are running on Windows machine, go ahead and go through the installation wizard. Your system will ask you to confirm it, before you start the app. It shows up every time you download an app from the web. SYC 2 has a YouTube browser built in. So all you need to do is to type the song in the search bar.

Alternatively, you can simply go on YouTube and copy the URL of any song you wish to save yo your music library.

Convert Nearly Any Audio & Video File for Free (Mac)

You just need to copy and paste the YouTube video URL to the dialogue to download the videos in different video formats if there are different videos formats available for source videos. After opening the URL, puase the video when it starts to play for seconds, and wait for the video to fill the grey progress bar. With this method, you do not need any downloader or software, but have to wait for the videos being complete processed.

Part 1: YouTube to MP3 converter on iPhone

Add-ons are needed. Every time you play a video or listen to music, the icon of DownloadHelper spins, while the icon of NetVideoHunter flickers.

The add-ons do not need to wait for the video processing, however, time is limited for each downloaded video to around 8 minutes. In other words, a minute video needs to click the add-on twice.

How to Rip Music from YouTube to iTunes

A plugin from Chrome Web Store is needed. After downloading it, the video downloading experience would be very easy. You could download YouTube and other video sites with the single click of the Download button under the video. Additionally, you can choose the video quality p HD, p, p, p.

How can I save YouTube videos to my iPad or iPhone?

With RealPlayer. When you downloaded RealPlayer, then you have the RealPlayer downloader. Almost every time you watch a video, the RealPlayer would automatically show up, and you could download the video on its window or Clear the List.